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One of the most popular Part 103 ultralights, possibly the market leader, Aerolite 103 is a well proven aircraft with excellent handling, good performance, and most features pilots want, all for a price most can afford.

Sun ‘n Fun 2021 Aerolite 103 Offers an Electric Kit Version

As electric propulsion systems become more accessible, we’re seeing them begin to appear in experimental and ultralight aircraft. In this AVweb video shot at Sun ‘n Fun 2021, Dennis Carley describes the new electric option available for the Aerolite 103 ultralight.

Video of EV – 103 At Sun and Fun 2021

Coming to America — Avi Aircraft’s Swan Could Debut at Oshkosh 2022

In the early days of Light-Sport Aircraft, a veritable tsunami of flying machines crossed the Atlantic or Pacific to land on American shores. In the earliest days imported aircraft comprised more than two-thirds of all entries on the market and that situation...

Picture of the Day: Air Fair fliers

Jim Roberts submitted this photo and note: "Spectators enjoy a powered parachute display at the 2021 Upper Cumberland Regional Airport Air Fair."

Super Bowl safety plan for general aviation pilots revealed

Pilots must be aware of the latest flight advisories and check Notices to Air Missions (NOTAM) before flying, officials add. Pilots and drone operators who enter the TFRs without permission could face penalties that top $30,000 and potential criminal prosecution.

Speed records set by electric aircraft

The Spirit of Innovation, an electric airplane, recently broke two speed records.

Creating another path to the flight deck

Personally, I think the Next Generation Aviation Academy is great idea and hope that first baby step with both the airlines and the banks becomes a reality.