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One of the most popular Part 103 ultralights, possibly the market leader, Aerolite 103 is a well proven aircraft with excellent handling, good performance, and most features pilots want, all for a price most can afford.

Sun ‘n Fun 2021 Aerolite 103 Offers an Electric Kit Version

As electric propulsion systems become more accessible, we’re seeing them begin to appear in experimental and ultralight aircraft. In this AVweb video shot at Sun ‘n Fun 2021, Dennis Carley describes the new electric option available for the Aerolite 103 ultralight.

Video of EV – 103 At Sun and Fun 2021

Affordable Aviation — Can You Find a Budget-Meeting Aircraft for 2022?

This website regularly promotes affordable aviation. Can you genuinely find an aircraft you like that is affordable? If so, are the smaller shows — ones I call “sector-specific” — the place to find them? Those two questions come up all the time on ByDanJohnson.com....

Test your aircraft — and movie — knowledge

A new quiz lets you test your knowledge of aircraft that appear in your favorite movies.

Picture of the Day: Future flyer

Scott Snyder submitted this photo and note: "This was taken by mom Miranda Nenkov of her daughter Mila in front of RV-6 N13EV in Enumclaw, Washington (WA77)."

Santa’s original sleigh finds new home at aviation museum

The newly restored sleigh will be on exhibit at the San Diego Air and Space Museum through the holidays.

What timing should I use in my engine?

Read this very carefully before taking any action: Remember, you'll be taking more horsepower out of your engine with the increased compression ratio, therefore you've got to increase the engine fuel flow amount to support the additional horsepower. Failure to do this...