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One of the most popular Part 103 ultralights, possibly the market leader, Aerolite 103 is a well proven aircraft with excellent handling, good performance, and most features pilots want, all for a price most can afford.

Sun ‘n Fun 2021 Aerolite 103 Offers an Electric Kit Version

As electric propulsion systems become more accessible, we’re seeing them begin to appear in experimental and ultralight aircraft. In this AVweb video shot at Sun ‘n Fun 2021, Dennis Carley describes the new electric option available for the Aerolite 103 ultralight.

Video of EV – 103 At Sun and Fun 2021

Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines

by Ron Goodman | Soundtrack


Fatigue crack results in total loss of engine power

A total loss of engine power during cruise flight due to a fatigue crack in the No. 3 cylinder connecting rod shaft resulting from either preignition or detonation, which resulted in a forced landing and impact with terrain.

Picture of the Day: Taxiway parade

Penny R. Hamilton submitted this photo and note: "Colorado pilots taxiing for departure after attending the annual fly-in pancake breakfast on a perfect July Saturday morning at Emily Warner Field (KGNB)."

Behind the scenes at an air show

While you may attend air shows regularly, you may be surprised at what goes on behind the scenes before and during the show to ensure everyone involved — from spectators to performers to the neighboring community — are safe.

Race fans cause server crash on opening day of Reno ticket sales

When air race fans learned 2023 is the final year for the Reno Air Races in Reno, many began making plans to attend the event — so many, in fact, that opening day of online ticket sales overloaded the National Championship Air Race servers.

SUN ‘n FUN Career Fair expands

Organized by aviation job website, JSfirm.com, the career fair has grown from one day in 2014 to five days in 2023, according to Abbey Hutter, executive director for JSfirm.com.