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One of the most popular Part 103 ultralights, possibly the market leader, Aerolite 103 is a well proven aircraft with excellent handling, good performance, and most features pilots want, all for a price most can afford.

Sun ‘n Fun 2021 Aerolite 103 Offers an Electric Kit Version

As electric propulsion systems become more accessible, we’re seeing them begin to appear in experimental and ultralight aircraft. In this AVweb video shot at Sun ‘n Fun 2021, Dennis Carley describes the new electric option available for the Aerolite 103 ultralight.

Video of EV – 103 At Sun and Fun 2021

Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines

by Ron Goodman | Soundtrack


Big, Beautiful, Powerful — The Highly Finished Montaer MC01 with Rotax 915iS

Pilots love airplanes (duh!). Pilots also love engines, especially when they are truly powerful. So, perhaps Brazilian manufacturer Montaer made a market-savvy move by moving quickly to incorporate Rotax’s most potent engine, their 915iS producing 141 horsepower in a...

Flight training tips from a pro

But most general aviation pilots don't get the chance to go to FlightSafety, CAE Simuflite, SimCom, or some other FAR Part 142 Training Center. But that doesn't mean we can't pick up some tips from the CFIs who train the pilots who fly the big iron or business jets.

Picture of the Day: Spitfires still going strong

Robert Erenstein submitted this photo and note: "In Europe there are many enthusiasts trying to keep history alive. Besides US-built aircraft, there is still a number of the famous Supermarine Spitfires airworthy today. This specific one entered service with the Royal...

New terminal opens at KOJA

The new terminal was necessary because the current building, attached to the Stafford Air and Space Museum, would not accommodate the increasing air traffic that the airport was experiencing, state aviation officials explained.

Risky business

A new study from researchers in Australia finds that pilots may take more risks than most people, but those risks are "calculated" and include enhanced caution while flying.